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Summer is coming, don’t forget to order your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)!

The European card ensures that you are covered directly by the health system of the country where you are staying, without any prior action. You will benefit from the same conditions of coverage as the residents of the European country you are visiting. However, this card is not valid if you plan to seek medical treatment in the country where you are staying.

Who is it for? This card can be issued free of charge to all nationals of a European Union Member State, as well as those of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.

Good to know: the screening tests (PCR and antigenic) are directly covered by the French health insurance for administrative screening tests (compulsory for entry into certain countries) and medical tests (presence of symptoms). All you need to do is present your EHIC at the time of the test. If the test is not immediately necessary, the test can be paid for by the Health Insurance upon your return to France.

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