The world of work is constantly changing!


At a time when the quality of life at work and Corporate Social Responsibility are major issues, we offer a multidisciplinary and benevolent service that helps you and your employees with administrative procedures by providing you with advice and personalized assistance. 

What is

Our input

We act as a point of contact to assist your employees with all kinds of administrative tasks. Our service can respond to individual needs with case-by-case support, but we also provide group advice sessions and concierge days to meet the specific needs of your employees.

Professional immigration

  • Work permits for foreign employees and managers
  • Applications for residence permits / naturalisation in France for foreign employees and executives
  • Management of visa procedures and applications with French consulates abroad
  • Visa procedures for artistic, sporting and scientific professions
  • Family reunification
With the support of a lawyer specialised in this field:

  • Other family unification programmes in France for executives
  • Tax support for foreign employees sent to France
  • Support in employment law for companies recruiting foreign employees in France