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Innovative actor at the heart of administrative processes !

Highly satisfied, I wholeheartedly recommend.
I needed administrative support with a rather complicated retirement application involving a government agency. The company ICI Admin took care of my case, and it was resolved very swiftly. A professional company that managed to meet my expectations and address my concerns. I received excellent follow-up from their end along with advice that proved extremely useful. I am very satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Fatoumata S.

Accompagnement administratif.

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I was assisted with the preparation of my housing application through my company's 1% fund. I submitted my request at the end of February 2019, and it was approved in early April 2019. It was really quick. Currently in temporary housing, the Ici Admin team was able to address the urgency of my situation. Fast and efficient. Thanks to them for their responsiveness.

Michel D.

Dossier logement

They are a humane and caring individual. I recommend!
I was supported by ICI ADMIN to submit my application for a work residence permit with the assistance of my employer. I felt supported throughout the entire process. I was at ease both during the documentation process and when submitting, as I also received in-person guidance from Mrs. CAMARA. She is a humane and caring individual. I highly recommend her.

Daouda D.

Demande de title de séjour salarié.

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